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ROP has provided consulting services for several cities in California seeking to preserve affordable housing in their communities. ROP has also provided consulting services for real estate professionals and investors seeking an evaluation of mobilehome parks and the management and common area maintenance practices of mobilehome parks.

Some members of the ROP team have provided expert witness testimony on issues involving mobilehome park operations and management practices. Homeowner associations have also consulted with ROP regarding park acquisition, the development of financial proformas, and proper park management and maintenance practices.

If you need professional assistance on issues affecting the ownership, maintenance, or management of mobilehome communities, contact ROP to discuss your needs.

ROP has represented Wharf Road Manor in Capitola, California, and Villa Del Mar in Gualala, California in the acquisition of their respective mobilehome parks by their
homeowner associations.
Wharf Road Manor
Capitola, California
Villa del Mar Mobilehome Park
Gualala, California