Maurice A. Priest
Maurice A. Priest has been a practicing attorney in California for over 37 years. The emphasis of his practice has been in the area of mobilehome law, representing the interests of mobilehome owners who reside in rental mobilehome parks.

Mr. Priest served as legislative advocate at the State Capitol in Sacramento for Golden State Manufactured-Home Owners League, Inc.(GSMOL), a statewide consumer organization which protects the rights of mobilehome owners from 1980 through 2008. In 1982 he was appointed the Founding Chairman of the State Bar Committee on Mobilehome Law, a subdivision of the Landlord-Tenant section. During his 28 years as a legislative advocate for GSMOL, Mr. Priest worked on over 175 bills introduced in the Legislature which became law. His work included all new laws which facilitate the resident acquisition of mobilehome parks to preserve affordable housing.

Mr. Priest earned his A.A. degree with Distinction from Sacramento City College in 1971 and his B.A. degree with Honors from U.C. Santa Barbara in 1973. He earned his Juris Doctor degree from Western State University College of Law, Fullerton, California in 1977. Mr. Priest is licensed by the State of California as both a real estate broker and manufactured home dealer. Because of his experience and expertise in all matters concerning mobilehome parks, Mr. Priest is a frequent consultant to cities and counties, homeowner associations, and is a consultant to homeowner cooperatives and other forms of resident owned parks seeking an evaluation of their park operations and property management. Mr. Priest has served as an expert witness in legal proceedings concerning mobilehome parks in courts throughout California.
President & Director