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ROP is uniquely qualified to provide property management services for the professional and reliable operation and maintenance services at your park. Our commitment is to preserve affordable housing for your members while maintaining the highest standards of maintenance and improvement of park common areas. The experience and expertise of ROP is exclusively in the area of rendering property management services for nonprofit and homeowner association owned parks. This sets ROP significantly apart from other property management companies whose experience has been their work for private investors and for profit park owners whose single purpose is to maximize profits at the expense of homeowners. Resident Owned Parks, Inc. is an IRS approved 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation whose purpose is to own and manage mobilehome parks to preserve affordable housing for mobilehome park residents. Because of ROP's extensive experience with both nonprofit park ownership and property management, we know that we are in the best position to provide reliable and responsive property management services that will provide the highest level of service at a fair price.

Experienced & Responsive - Committed and experienced property management means nothing if a property management company is not responsive to the Board of Directors for whom it works. ROP believes in hands on property management with close supervision and ongoing training of park resident managers and assistant managers. By working with the Board of Directors to develop overall policies and goals for the mobilehome park, ROP believes that effective property management at your park should mean that there are fewer demands on Board members to handle day to day emergencies and other responsibilities which can and should be the responsibility of the property management company. ROP has found that the most effective system for park management can be achieved when the Board of Directors designates a primary person on the Board to serve as the communication conduit with the property management company. While ROP has no problem in being responsive to communications from the Board of Directors, duplication in communications and restating what has already been communicated to the designated member of the Board, creates needless work, duplication of effort, and waste of time. Our goal and commitment is to be responsive to the Board of Directors so that it can serve as the policymaker for the park while Resident Owned Parks, Inc. property management performs the day to day duties and management oversight so that the park operates smoothly for the benefit of all park residents.
- Oversee Employees
- Oversee all Contractors and Vendors
- Resident Relations and Issue Resolution/Park Rule Enforcement
- Process Resident Applications
- Budget Preparation
- Bill Payment and Bookkeeping review
- Prepare On-site Manuals
- Regular reports to Board of Directors
- 24/7 On Call
- Resident Manager Training and Supervision
- Park Rules and Regulations / Prospective Resident Applications
- Park Operating Budget
- Bill payment and Bookkeeping Review
- Procedures and Emergency Response Manuals
- Reports to Board
- Solicitation and Negotiation of Competitive Bids
- Supervision of Park Projects
Areas of Responsibility For ROP
Property Management Division