Steve Clute
Steve Clute is a former Member of the California State Legislature, where he served in the State Assembly from 1982-1992 for the district which included Riverside County. As an elected official at the State Capitol, Steve developed a reputation as a legislative champion for residents in mobilehome parks. He worked closely with GSMOL legislative advocate Maurice Priest to author and move legislation to benefit homeowners and residents. One of his measures, AB 4069, chaptered in 1988, was one of the first legislative bills to assist residents with purchase of their parks.

Steve served as the first Chairman of the Assembly Select Committee on Mobilehomes. Prior to his service in the California Legislature, Steve Clute was a Navy jet pilot who flew the McDonnel Douglas A4 and several other naval aircraft. He served as a Navy instructor pilot, teaching advanced jet flying and tactics to junior Naval and Marine Corps officers. Prior to his military service, Steve graduated from the University California at Riverside (UCR) in 1971. As a student and athlete he was inducted into the UCR Athletic Hall of Fame.

While in the Navy, he earned his Master's Degree in Management through Webster College of St. Louis. Steve and his wife, Pamela, are residents of Palm Desert. Pamela is a mathematics professor at UC Riverside. As a Board Member for ROP, Steve will continue to promote and protect affordable housing, and remain active on issues including health care, veterans and education.